Smallpox: the epidemic continues to progress with 2171 cases declared in France on Tuesday

In France, a total of 2,171 cases of chicken pox have been reported, the health minister, François Braun, announced on Tuesday in the National Assembly.

Smallpox (“monkeypox” in English) has been endemic for decades in the center and west of Africa, but an unusual increase in cases has been observed since the month of May in Europe and North America. in particular.

Several more deaths were recorded in Afrique de l’Ouest, deux ont été recensés in Espagne, one in Inde, one également in Pérou and another in Brésil.

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Usually transmitted to humans through contact with wild animals, the virus responsible for this zoonosis can be transmitted through direct contact with the skin lesions or mucus of a sick person, especially when sexual intercourse, but also contact with l’environnement des malades ( bedding, clothes, dishes, bath towels, etc.).

According to a projection by the WHO regional office for Europe, the cumulative number of infections exceeds 27,000 on Tuesday in a total of 88 payments analysis.

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