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Prefaced by François-Régis Gaudry, the book So Nat by Zohra Levacher, published by Ulmer is a hymn to vegetables, spices, taste and mixed cuisine.

SO NAT ULMER – Vegetables have long been a side dish to meat or fish, but times have changed and today many chefs treat them carefully and many consumers have re-greened their plates. Zohra Levacher’s book is a vegetable hymn, a master class to learn how to combine vegetables, spices, spices and compose plates that burst with flavors. So Nat is first and foremost the name of the vegan restaurant that Zohra Levacher opened in 2016 in the 9th arrondissement of Paris where she creates dishes that draw their inspiration from the cuisines of the world. Before diving into the vegetable garden, our chef was an architect, a profession she left to pass her cooking CAP as a free candidate and start the restoration adventure. With this book, Zohra Levacher wants to share her pleasure in cooking vegetables with as many people as possible. If the recipes are not complicated, they often require a large number of ingredients, spices and spices (but when you like, you do not count!), Some of which such as safflower or rocou seeds are little known. in the kitchens.
Reading the book makes your mouth water, as a prelude to upcoming delights. The book is presented in two major chapters: spring-summer and fall-winter. Each recipe is a trip: Creamy polenta, eggplant chermoula, zucchini eggplant, smoked red peppers, corn donut tacos, red onion pickles and harissa, stuffed zucchini flowers, hazelnut oil sauce & grenade mélasse. Zohra Levacher also addressed the field of desserts, such as rustic tartelettes d’Hedwige or la crème au chocolat, chili & grilled hazelnut oil. The chef devotes a few pages to his recipes for condiments, sauces and pickles: shallot confit with lemon, dressing with dates, zhoug, candied black garlic, …
If you want to give peps to your vegetable recipes, immerse yourself without restraint in the book and let yourself be surprised by the originality, variety and subtlety of the 70 recipes that we book Zohra Levacher. I bet So Nat finds a great place in your kitchen.

So Nat
Zohra Levacher
Preface by François-Régis Gaudry
Anne-Claire’s Photos Héraud
Ulmer editions

192 pages
105 photos
Format: 19 X 24.4 cm
Price: € 26

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