“Soda disease”: what is this pathology that is affecting more and more people in France?

If it is said that it is important to ensure a balanced diet, it is certainly not for nothing. When excess accumulates, it is possible to develop pathologies, which can be more or less severe. Among these, the “Soda disease”also known as NASH or two “Foie gras disease”. Scientifically we talk about non-alcoholic hepatic steatosisa disorder that is affecting more and more people in France and is characterized by “Excess fat in the liver, which is not due to high alcohol consumption”.

According to a study conducted by theInserm and published in the journal Gastroenterology, more than 200,000 people will reach a severe form of soda disease in the Hexagon. Statistically, this disease would affect men over the age of 50, but also women after menopause, although it may also concern younger patients. Soda disease is also more common, according to the study, in people who suffer from diabetes, obesity and who drink more than one can of sweet drink (soda …) or who smoke more than 10 cigarettes. per day. “A person who is overweight – even mild – with diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, or high blood pressure is more likely to develop NASH and needs to be extra vigilant.”alert the Pr Patrick Marcellinhepatologist at Beaujon Hospital, in the columns of the Women’s Journal.

NASH or “Soda Disease”: What Causes It?

The cause of this disease, which can develop into cirrhosis or even cancer, if not diagnosed or properly managed, is more of a dramatic combination of health that combines sedentary lifestyle with an unbalanced diet. As reported Marie Frantathey are mostly foods that are too sweet and too fatty which can cause the onset of soda, which eventually gets its name pretty well. By force of abuse, a layer of grease can have a previous effect around the sheet, up to the representation in the most severe cases 5% of the total mass.

NASH or “soda disease”: what are the symptoms?

A disease that should not be taken lightly, especially since it is often silent. It can reach certain people who suffer from NASH, who do not show any visible symptoms. Some signs may still tell you that something naked isn’t going round, including: a swollen belly, yellowing of the skin and eyes, itching, recurring mental confusion …

NASH or “soda disease”: how to treat it?

Also, be aware that it does not exist no treatment for this disease. So the only way to protect yourself from it is to drastically change your lifestyle by eating healthier and starting regular physical activity. If you have any risk factors, or feel that you are concerned, a specialist diagnosis is required to respond before it is too late. This consisted of a first time en a blood test, combined with an examination of the liver.

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