Solidarity: a free burger for the needy


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This is a great initiative Ete prize à Toulouse, in Haute-Garonne, by Kamel Sekraoui. The kitchen and the preparation of the burgers to be able to then distribute sans-abris, in a way of redonner du baume au cœur aux plus démunis.

In Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), Kamel Sekraoui had a geneală idea, to take ingredients on his bike and then prepare food and distribute it to the homeless. “The goal is to create moments of conviviality”Kamel mouse Sekraoui. Like every week, this man is going shopping first. He is the one who pays to be able to after meals. About fifty euros later, the volunteer picks up his bike in which he takes his shopping and to plancha, easy to carry.

His initiative was thinking so that he feels like he can bring his kitchen with him, with stainless steel trailer and the planche above. This is a weekly appointment for Kamel and his guests, to whom he gives appointments by IInternet thanks to social networks. He then chooses a quiet place to be able to cook quietly. In addition to him, he is helped by people who want to help for free. This makes some homeless happy: “Beautiful, very beautiful, it’s a meeting place”rejoices Patrick, homeless.

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