Soon the end of the insurance sticker on our cars

You will soon no longer have to display the small green paper of your insurance on the car windshield.

For more than forty years, French law has required motorists to display the small green paper of the insurance certificate on the windshield of their cars. A way to prove that the vehicle is well insured and that its driver is not driving without legal protection. But in the digital age, insurance companies and the French ministries (economy, transport and interior) are working together to eliminate this obligation.

Idea? Din 2016, insurers keep a national file of their customers with the corresponding license plates. From 2019, law enforcement has access to files. It has thus become much simpler to check the validity of an insurance car at the entrance to the license plate of a vehicle in this file.

In a year’s time?

According to France Assureurs, which represents the French car insurance companies, this abolition of the insurance sticker could be official in a year. It will also allow you to print less than 50 million documents a year.

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