Spitalizations related to the side effects of drugs are on the rise

Drug-related hospitalizations are on the rise. Scientists have not yet found an explanation for the phenomenon.

This is disturbing news revealed by our colleagues at the Figaro on Monday 30 May. In 2018, 212,500 people were hospitalized after experiencing drug side effects, up from 144,000 in 2007. This is a 47% increase within ten years. Today, more than 8% of hospitalizations are related to dormant pharmaceutical side effects. To arrive at these figures, Figaro journalists compared two studies on the subject: one Emir, dating from 2007; the other Iatrostat, whose data date back to 2018.

Scientists do not explain this increase. “This is a trend observed in other countries, but we do not have a clear explanation,” said Pre Marie-Laure Laroche, a pharmacologist at the Regional Pharmacovigilance Center (CRPV) in Limoges. She is the lead researcher on the Iatrostat study, conducted by the 31 CRPV network and presented on May 18 to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM).

Pre-Marie-Laure Laroche explained that the increase in hospitalizations related to drug side effects is not a consequence of drug use, as the latter has decreased. The aging of the population is also not affected, as the proportion of drug accidents among the elderly remains stable. According to chercheuse, it is difficult to identify a class of drugs that would be more implicit than other drugs in this (…)

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