SPVie Assurances wants to double in size in two years

SPVie Assurances does not hide its ambitions. The fourth largest insurance broker in France, which achieved a turnover of 88 million euros in 2021, has unveiled its strategic plan 2022-2024 with the ambition of becoming the number two in the sector behind April. To reach a turnover of 160 million euros in 2024, the group created in 2010 has more than 400,000 beneficiaries and 60 million euros in intermediate premiums, mainly for restructuring and new government with the will to change. the control page of the ACPR (Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority) which has occupied it for many months.

“The group no longer has anything to do with the one created a dozen years ago,” said co-founder Jérémy Sebag, who has so far led SPVie cu Cédric Pironneau, also co-founder. The two men left the reins of operation, “to think back,” to a new duo of CEOs: the former Axa Matthieu Bébéar, in charge of wholesale and direct sales management, and Renaud Adde , in charge of the group’s mass-market sales management. “It was important to structure ourselves for the development we are aiming for,” said Matthieu Bébéar. “We do not sell our shares or the company,” says Jérémy Sebag.

The strategy is summarized by Renaud Adde: “We will enjoy the favorite courtyard of courtiers with a presence in all distribution channels.” SPVie is currently targeting 3,000 partner intermediaries compared to 1,500 partner brokers. It also relies on a network of 200 insurance intermediaries against some 60 since its launch in late 2020. At the digital level, the broker wants to establish itself as the leader using its own open API platform to deliver micro-services to insurance companies and local brokers. “This requires a large budget, investments of several million euros, more,” says Jérémy Sebag. Employee names should be doubled to reach 1,000 salaries.


SPVie wants to accelerate the property business, which accounts for 10% of its revenue, while remaining focused on personal insurance by completing its range. The wholesale broker will focus more broadly on two markets: individual retirement, with an individual retirement savings plan (PERin) offering to be unveiled this summer, and expatriate retirement, with the arrival of Marco Sgarbi as director of the segment from April International. SPVie also does not intend to pass up the opportunity created by the Lemoine law on the borrower insurance market: “We will go there either through an acquisition or by developing ourselves internally,” says Jérémy Sebag, who warns : “We will turn the table. »

This roadmap requires funding. “It simply came to our notice then. Especially since we will not reach 160 million euros in turnover without external growth, ”said Jérémy Sebag. For example, he may be tempted by opportunities for groups that distribute multi-risk home insurance. In early 2020, the broker raised € 70 million with the Essling expansion fund and immediately acquired Adour Insurance and then the CGRM complementary health management subsidiary from Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson.


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