Steam oven, food processor, futuristic vacuum cleaner at the table bazaar at the Paris Fair – Libération

Walk to the Parc des expositions de la Porte de Versailles for the annual rendezvous of cooking enthusiasts, which runs until May 9 and where culinary aids are particularly popular this year.

In the long alleys of the Paris Fair, flanked by stands full of wacky objects and scented by food stalls, visitors walk around, surrounded by the voices of vendors seeking to attract them. This 2022 edition, which takes place from April 28 to May 9 at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles in Paris (15th), confirms that the appetite for nude kitchen accessories is not weakening. Since the confinement of 2020, where 37% of French people have more cuisine, according to a study by Santé publique France, everything has to do with the culinary field.

Alain Bansais, present for the 43rd time at the Fair and CEO of Arts and Traditions, a company specializing in wholesale and home appliances confirms: “After the confinement, there was euphoria about our products, we ran out of stock.” This year, it is the hall dedicated to home appliances and equipped kitchens that wears the most. Small tour of the horizon of trend objects.

Convenient, fast and efficient

Round, square, black, red, narrow, wide … food robots are the stars of the rendezvous. The kitchen alone can be simple, but with a robot, it is twice as much, and the French, who are increasingly praising the object, have understood it well. The eyes are fixed on these machines, during the demonstrations made in front of the visitors. These beautiful (or not) do-it-all machines, all of which have already been seen on TV or with friends, offering new services to cooking enthusiasts. After Thermomix or KitchenAid, more other brands are entering into fierce competition, such as Moulinex, which has reworked its products: the Companion, an integrated scale cooker, and the ClickChef, which is quieter and less bulky. Convenient, fast and efficient, these robots are now an integral part of our kitchens, which for some have become their second.

Great novelty at the microwave level, which, on the other hand, suffers from lovelessness: its near absence. Now, the next thing is the steam oven, multifunctional, more aesthetic and low consumption. With strong democratization, this healthier oven would better store vitamins and nutrients from food despite the heat of the machine. “We want to get rid of our microwave to go to the steam oven, it’s prettier and it tastes better,” explains a couple in full swing facing the Asko range.

“The treatment room”

Behind the steam vacuums, the super-equipped futuristic brooms, the cheese, vegetable and fruit graters or the revolutionary open-top boxes without a sharp edge and equipped with a bottle opener, are also set up with pretty and bright kitchens, populated by men and women. chic women waiting for visitors. They are in Art Deco motifs, navy blue, burgundy, off-white, softwood and the central island, already well established in the culinary landscape. In the comings and goings of visitors, quotes are signed, drawers slipped, tables caressed, kitchens please and make passers-by smile as they zyeutant them with the desire to have fun.

From confinement, one feels the urge to be freer, to have space to cook. When choosing the future investment they will make in their home, consumption is now trendy to opt for a beautiful, warm and functional kitchen rather than a terrace, which are not sure to use all year round, according to one of the exhibitors: “Someone refused the terrace to make a nice kitchen, it became the room to be cared for.” In other words, the kitchen is now a central piece of life, as much as the living room.

But with declining purchasing power, changing the whole kitchen is not within the reach of all wallets. This is one of the interests of going to the Fair, where the reduction of 30 to 50% makes visitors happy and avoids overheating the blue card.


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