Storm-stricken Alex, she is forced to adopt her dog

Their lives turned upside down on October 2, 2020, when the floods swept away the land and the house became uninhabitable. Marion was a real estate agent, making a good living. “I was working hard.” In the aftermath of the climate catastrophe, he had to face the obvious: their world had collapsed. Marion fought against insurance, against the administration, against the whole earth. And also against herself, for not decorating herself, overwhelmed by problems. – I’ve had a life of galley ever since. The young woman finally took refuge, after last winter, in despair, on a boat less than eight meters she bought. The sailboat is moored at the port of Marina Baie des Anges, in Villeneuve-Loubet.

Overwhelmed by the administration, Marion lost her footing. She doesn’t work anymore. Le chien is an important tax. The Peyotl massif can return to the boat, but not move. So Marion set up a tent for him on the dock, not without attracting remarks and enmity from people unaware of the terrible fate that brought her there.

Marion spends part of her budget on food from her Montagne des Pyrénées, which she never leaves. She is aware of this, this situation is no longer tenable. It has therefore taken the heavy decision in recent days to get it adopted. “You can’t even imagine, it’s like I have to have my child adopted by a new family. It’s very hard.”

“Storm Alex never really stops naked”

Albert Calamuso, Villeneuve-Loubet’s deputy mayor, launched a call on Facebook this Wednesday morning to help Marion find a new master in Peyotl.

“I have no choice, she confides. Especially since the heat wave is coming. I can’t leave it like that. I am also looking for a real estate agent job, but as long as I have Peyotl, it will be possible. It’s a heartbreak, but having it with me blocks me from everything. For example, I have no possible relocation with such a big dog. “

Marion hopes her call will be heard. “Peyotl is a love, he loves children, he gets along with all animals.” She smiled tenderly. “I have to warn you, it’s useless. He can’t keep sheep, and if a burglar comes home he’ll hand him the bidet for caresses. . of a company that needs a lot of affection. “ Be careful, Peyotl has a flaw: he can be a fugitive.

Marion hopes to find her a suitable place, and fights to get out of the infernal spiral. “You know, storm Alex never stops,” she sighs.

If you want to help Marion et Peyotl, you can write via SMS (pas d’appel), on

(1) His first name was changed to keep his son anonymous

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