Sur TikTok, this high school student from Pau denounces the failures of Parcoursup and recognizes 2 million views

It looks like a Paloise found the Parcoursup fault. Her name is Lucièle, 18 years old, she is at Saint-John Perse High School in Pau. When she made her vows on the Parcoursup platform, she was wrong. She unintentionally selected a license that she did not want. So she decided to make a pretty original cover letter. Lucièle sent the recipe for the Russian, Béarn specialty, fluffy cake with praline cream. The high school girl made a video on TikTok which garnered more than 2 million views.

I want to share with you a traditional French recipe: Russian

Lucièle took care of the hang of her cover letter with a quote from Coluche: “English cuisine: if it’s cold it’s soup, if it’s hot it’s beer“La Paloise continues”French cuisine being more refined, I want you to be part of a traditional French reception: le russe“Objectively, there is little to do with the recipe for this Béarn pastry and the license requested in error. Not really, no relationship between a fluffy cookie with a praline cream and a Health Law license.

Are the cover letters read?

Basically, it was a jokeLucièle explained. After I said to myself, so much for making a TikTok to show people that they don’t look at cover letters. In selective vows, I think they look but the facs, they don’t have the time, there are so many requests. I think they only look at the appreciations and the notes, when a time passes to prepare the letters of motivation“.

The high school student admits that he had “a good dosar next to it anyway“She smiled at the comments left under the video care which was a huge success.”In the comments, there are people who were not accepted when they did a very good cover letter. Funny comments like ‘It’s a recipe that stings my place’, it was funny!„On June 2, the day of the Parcoursup results, this student from Saint-John Perse High School in Pau was 13th on the waiting list and finally her wish was accepted.

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