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Tout d’abord, si la fréquence de vos mictions devient gênante (elles vous réveillent la nuit, par exemple, ou vous perturbent dans vos activités quotidiennes), vous devez demander de l’aide.

Il en est de même pour les sensations de besoin urgent d’uriner sau pour l’incontinence, qui interfèrent avec votre vie quotidienne. Ne soyez pas embarrassé, these problems are incredibly common and can be treated souvent être traités (using non-medicinal methods), so as to significantly improve your quality of life.

Common causes of urinary problems

Ceci étant dit, it is considered that six à huit mictions per day is a «moyenne». You may urinate more or less depending on how much water you drink and your activity level.

More frequent micturitions can be due to an overactive bladder (and therefore to involuntary contractions), to caffeine, to a urinary tract infection (UTI), to interstitial cystitis, to benign prostate hypertrophy, to diabetes , or to certain neurological diseases.

Here are the frequent causes of urinary problems:

Stress incontinence (perte d’urine en riant, toussant, éternuant, etc.)

L’continence d’urgence (pertes d’urine après avoir ressenti un besoin urgent d’uriner) : can be caused by abnormal nerve messages that cause spasms of the bladder, and can be associated with certain health problems such as ‘un diabète uncontrolled or hyperthyroidism.

An accident or certain health problems can also affect the nerves and muscles of the bladder and cause urge incontinence: among others, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. .

Vessie hyperactive: what problems can be caused by abnormal nerve messages sent to the vessie au mauvais moment, causing contraction and therefore frequent or urgent urination, incontinence or nocturnal urination.

Symptômes des voies urinaires inférieures chez l’homme: ces symptômes peuvent comprendre l’hésitation urinaire, le ralentissement du flow urinaire, des gouttes terminales ou des leaks, ainsi que des mictions more frequent (especially at night). They can be caused by prostate hypertrophy, which affects urinary flow.

6 natural methods to treat the symptoms of urinary problems:

Si vous souffrez de troubles urinaires qui perturbent votre vie quotidienne, les méthodes suivantes peuvent être très efficacious: Les exercices de Kegel: les femmes connaissant sans doute ce terme mieux que les hommes. Consistent Kegel exercises to contract the pelvic muscles and keep the pelvis contracted.

Pour les hommes qui ne serienta pas familiers avec ce terme, cela s’apparente à essayer de s’arréter d’uriner au milieu d’une miction. Cela can help strengthen the muscles that allow you to retain and control urinary flow. Kegel exercises can also help you reduce urinary urges and you have a problem with frequent urination.

I keep a “journal de la vessie”: cela peut vous aider à prendre conscience de vos habitudes en matière de mictions, et eventually à determine a profile.

This diary can allow you to work out a schedule to bring yourself to the toilet at regular intervals, to avoid accidents, and to continue to progress the intervals between each urination, to measure your bowl control. Rééducation de la vessie : le ‘journal de la vessie’ is often l’une des étapes de la reéducation de la vessie, which consists of going to the toilet according to a fixed schedule.

If you feel the need to urinate before the scheduled time, do Kegel exercises, or relaxation exercises, such as deep respirations, to control your envy. Osteopathic manipulations and chiropractic adjustments: research has shown that osteopathic manipulations practically produce the same therapeutic effects as pelvic muscle building exercises (Kegel exercises) in women with lower urinary tract problems.

Limit drinks at certain times of the day: if you get up at night to urinate, arrêtez de boire trei à quatre heures before you go to bed. It is also worth limiting your consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol.

Prostate Hypertrophy: Lord, if you think your symptoms are due to an enlarged prostate, check out these tips to keep your prostate healthy.

* Press the effort of transmitting health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, les informations données can replace l’ avis d’un proffesionel de santé.

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