Ces chiens et chats attendant au refuge de Nargis: découvre les portraits de Bella, Scott, Shiny et Cortex

Scott, 10 months, croisé malinois Name: ScottSex: Maleage: 10 monthsRace: croisé malinoisCharacter: He likes company, les promenades et jouer. The ideal foyer son: Une famille qui saura prendre du temps pour lui, dans une maison. Bright, 5 year old Jack Russell Name: GlossySex: Femalesage: 5 yearsRace: Jack RussellCharacter: Toujours en mouvement, elle is full of … Read more

Officers from the Caisse primaire d’assurance-maladie du Loiret, overwhelmed by the sick leave files to be treated, are on strike

This is a side effect of Covid, with arrest records piling up in the offices of the Health Insurance Fund and the length of treatment being extended. So much so that policyholders receive their daily benefits two to three months late. The smallest consequences, which are the receiving agencies and the telephone platforms that support. … Read more