Bourse: les valeurs à suivre in Paris and in Europe – 15.07.2022 at 08:44

(Photo credit: Adobe Stock -) PARIS, July 15 (Reuters) – Values ​​to follow on Friday at the Paris Stock Exchange and Europe: * AXA AXAF.PA announced on Thursday that it has concluded the sale for 660 million euros of a portfolio of 16 billion euros in life and pension insurance contracts in Germany, an operation … Read more

Unemployment insurance: the implementation of the 2019 reform still postponed – 12/07/2022 at 14:03

According to the unions, the extension of the rules in force could last until the end of 2023. Olivier Dussopt in Paris, July 7, 2022. (AFP / LUDOVIC MARIN) Unemployment insurance reform, voted in 2019 but delayed by two years due to Covid-19, will still be postponed, Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt said on Tuesday (July … Read more

Life insurance: the democratization of pilot management

For some years now, it has become impossible to reconcile the profitability and security of capital. (Photo credit: 123RF) France Assureurs presented the key figures for life insurance for the year 2021. The decline in the return on funds in euros has highlighted a growing need to diversify savings, leading to the rise of piloted … Read more

Insurance: bank card or separate contract, which is the best choice for your holidays?

(Photo credit: © ronstik – Bank cards do not only allow you to make payments and withdrawals: you may be able to benefit from a number of guarantees. What are these insurances really worth? Through MoneyVox, There is a category of insurance, in addition to the unknown: that of bank cards. Flight cancellation, repatriation, … Read more

How to terminate a life insurance to get your money back?

(Photo credit: Unsplash – Bruce Mars) Despite a confusing name, life insurance is a savings product. In this sense, talking about “termination” is not really the exact term because termination concerns insurance contracts called P&C, for fire, accidents and various risks. Rest assured, however, it is possible to close your life insurance policy or even … Read more

Car insurance: how to pay less if you drive little

There are several ways to offer you the price of car insurance. photo credit: Getty Images You you serve little of your car and want to reduce your insurance bill? There are several ways to offer you the price of car insurance. Mileage package, reduced guarantees, analysis of driving: insurers have set up a myriad … Read more

Pets (dogs, cats …): what does the liability cover cover?

Make sure your pets anticipate possible credit photo incidents: GettyImages Pet owners are legally responsible for this. In cases of damage, they can be covered by the civil liability guarantee that includes in the insurance contract a multi-risk dwelling. In what situations? What animals are involved? What happens if you entrust your pet to a … Read more

Saving for your children: booklet A or life insurance?

Life Insurance and Booklet A can be opened from the birth of the child. (credit: Photo credit: 123RF) You want to save money for your child so that he can dispose of it when the time comes to, for example, buy his first car or acquire his first real estate. Life insurance or Passbook A, … Read more

Life insurance: finally more transparency on contract costs

Beware of life insurance policies that charge too much. (© Fotolia) As of July 1, insurers must provide details of the costs of each fund before opening a life insurance contract or a retirement savings plan (PER). Already, from June 1, 2022, you can find on their website a harmonized picture often the main fees … Read more

Life insurance and SRI: which labels to look at?

As part of life insurance, the offer of responsible investment is expanding photo credit: GettyImages For investors, the pursuit of performance can be associated with “extra-financial” objectives. Thus, so-called “responsible” Collective Investment Schemes (UCIs) take into account Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. In recent years, they have multiplied, but not always convincing in light … Read more