Here’s how to put one together for use with your sunflower oil

As a direct result of the war in Ukraine, supply difficulties in sunflower oil blew up prices. Sunflower oil is therefore becoming increasingly scarce and more expensive because Ukraine is the world’s largest producer of sunflower oil. The so-called “Yellow gold” is slowly disappearing from the shelves of our supermarkets. L’huile de tournesol is used … Read more

He cooks a sausage rougail with chorizos and pasta: video made controversial on social networks

A metropolitan internet user on Instagram has decided to post a video of his “Rougail sausage with chorizos and pasta” recipe. Very quickly, many Reunionese expressed their dissatisfaction after this recipe deemed “unacceptable” for the iconic Reunion dish: rougail sausage. In total, the video has been viewed more than 350,000 times. Do you think you’ve … Read more

easy recipes to get started in Tamil gastronomy

For these recipes from That’s good for us! heading south and southeast of India and Sri Lanka where the Tamil community is to discover the gastronomy. “The Tamil, in fact, it is a language spoken mainly in southern India, southeastern India and northern Sri Lanka. And today, at Tamil community is present all over the … Read more

Abbaretz. David Simon, from the kitchen to the building site

window David Simon, 35, an original cook, set out ten years ago to renovate all state corps. He is taking courses at the National Agency for Adult Vocational Training (Affpa) where he holds a CAP (Certificate of Aptitude) as a Building Maintenance Officer. After two experiences in associations specialized in the internal agency, in the … Read more

Viva La Plancha de Camillle Delcroix Nice RendezVous rayon Livres de Cuisine

Audience Les éditions Larousse Viva la Plancha by Camille Delcroix, winner of season 6 of Top Chef, in collaboration with Séverine Augé and with the complicity of the iron brand Le Marquier. LAROUSSE KITCHEN – The beautiful days have finally arrived and, with them, the pleasure of being in the garden for moments of conviviality … Read more

Cooking Notes by Laurence Duperthuy, Les Cours Culinaires have resumed at La Colle sur Loup

Laurence Duperthuy, a member of the Des Disciples d’Escoffier and a member of the technical committee of the Label Cuisine Nissarde has been installed. at the Glue on Wolf. KITCHEN NOTES – Laurence Duperthuy wants an unconditional manner of Nice cuisine in which she has bathed since her earliest childhood. Trained at the Nice Hotel … Read more

SO NAT, The Vegetable Kitchen by Zohra Levacher Nice RendezvousDress department Cookbooks

Prefaced by François-Régis Gaudry, the book So Nat by Zohra Levacher, published by Ulmer is a hymn to vegetables, spices, taste and mixed cuisine. SO NAT ULMER – Vegetables have long been a side dish to meat or fish, but times have changed and today many chefs treat them carefully and many consumers have re-greened … Read more

firefighters controlled the flames

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 10:05 p.m. Article Belgian A fire broke out in the kitchen of a restaurant on Rue Jules Broeren in Anderlecht on Wednesday at around 5pm, Brussels spokesman Walter Derieu said in the evening. The fire started in the smoke extractor and kitchen extraction pipes. It spread to the … Read more

The Figaro launches its kitchen application

It offers more than five thousand recipes and articles on gastronomic news. After applying the games, Le Figaro invites the French to sit down at the table this Thursday, May 12 with the launch of its cooking application. Named Le Figaro Cuisine, it offers small business enthusiasts and beginners more than five thousand recipes Mrs. … Read more