feu vert de la Haute autorité de santé à three vaccines adapted to Omicron for this autumn

This new booster dose will be given during a new vaccination campaign, coupled with the flu shot. The Haute autorité de santé (HAS) has demonstrated three anti-Covid-19 vaccines adapted to Omicron for a new vaccination campaign planned for automne et couplée à celle contre la grippe, announced on Tuesday, September 20 in a communiqué. This … Read more

a «préoccupante» evolution of certain indicators

Overseas, the maternal mortality rate is 4 times higher than in the mainland, the death rate is 1.5 times higher, and the neonatal mortality rate is 2 times higher. Un taux de natalité en baisse, une mortité neonatale en hausse, un taux de césarienne stable… Pour la première fois, a report describing l’état de la … Read more

they were bought by Change Healthcare from UnitedHealth validated by a judge

The potential buyout of Change Healthcare from UnitedHealth, one of the main players in health insurance in the United States, can be followed, an American judge estimated in a decision made this month, which would allow the resumption of an operation estimated at 13 billion dollars. total, selon la presse américaine. Le quotidien économique Wall … Read more

l’Assurance maladie launches a campaign to raise awareness among the French

Unusual exhaustion, rapid weight gain, œdèmes des pieds et des chevilles, excessive fatigue… has so many symptoms of this disease that affects at least 1.5 million French people. Cardiac failure, which affects at least 1.5 million French people and does not continue to progress, is not known, according to Health Insurance, which announced on Tuesday, … Read more

Le Kaftrio, ce médicament aux effets spectaculares contre la mucoviscidose

Le Kaftrio can be given in a large majority of patients after 12 years. It is delivered sous forme de comprimes and its side effects are le plus souvent légers or modérés. skiff – stock.adobe.com DESCRIPTION – Accessible in France from one year, le treatment change radically la qualité de vie des malades. Some evoked … Read more

des pistes pour soigner cette mystérieuse pathology foudroyante

by Cécile Thibert publicly on 15/09/2022 at 11:11, Mis à jour here at 14:39 Around 6000 people living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis currently in France. On average, the first symptoms appear around the age of 55. Adobe Stock When this neurodegenerative pathology is declared, patients often do not have more than two to five years … Read more

Cancer: the success of a cell therapy

The lymphocytes are taken from the patient’s tumor fragments, then cultured in the laboratory until several million are obtained to create a kind of personalized immunotherapy. Carlos Munoz Yague/Divergence DÉCRYPTAGE – Which de pointe treatment was beneficial to patients presenting cancer of the skin with metastases. Un nouvel espoir se dessine pour les patients atteints … Read more

Cyrille Isaac-Sibille appointed rapporteur for the “assurance vieillesse” branch

Le deputé Modem de la 12e circonscription du Rhône a été designated, cet été, rapporteur du volet “assurance vieillesse” du projet de loi relatif au budget de la Securité sociale pour l’année 2023. Le projet sera examinée à l’automne. In a communiqué, Cyrille Isaac-Sibille said “honoré de trust that I renew myself today”, lui qui … Read more

verse an early blood screening?

I look like Soline Roy publicly here at 19:06, Mis à jour here at 20:04 This “liquid biopsy” consists of searching in the singing “abnormal” DNA often tumor cells. Grafvision/Adobe Stock DECRYPTAGE – A study allowed the detection of cancers in people apparently in good health. Débusquer le cancer bien avant qu’il ne fasse de … Read more

Miracle, chance or misunderstood mechanism? Plongée dans les guérisons inexpliquées

I look like Anne Prigent publicly there are 3 hours, Mis à jour there are 3 hours Des pélerins handicapés et malades à Lourdes, in 1948. www.bridgemanimages.com/Bridgeman Images DÉCRYPTAGE – Immunité, effet placebo ou mode de vie may be at the origin of these mysteries, which does not understand the step. «J’ai suivi pendant quinze … Read more