What is known about the new variants, responsible for the epidemic recovery?

FOCUS – Coming from South Africa, they are derivatives of Omicron named BA.4 and BA.5. «Contamination increases, Olivia Grégoire, a government spokeswoman, acknowledged on June 23 on France Info. We are attentive and vigilant.“The day before, Emmanuel Macron saidnot to rule out new emergency measures on the epidemic“, While the term of validity of the … Read more

330 confirmed cases in France

In all, more than 3,200 cases of monkeypox have been detected worldwide. WHO on Thursday called on countries to be vigilant and transparent in the face of this rare outbreak. France had 330 confirmed cases of monkeypox virus infection on Thursday, health officials said, adding that the first woman infected had a partner who had … Read more

“Another year ago I swam two kilometers a day, today I go out in an electric chair”

ALS causes a progressive weakness and a muscle source associated with muscle shaking. AdobeStock TESTIMONY – On the occasion of World Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Day – or “Charcot’s disease” – Le Figaro collected the testimony of Katherine, 67, recently afflicted with this destructive and incurable disease. It is one of those rare diseases whose causes … Read more

These derive from the selection that threatens the health of English bulldogs

Buyers are looking for more and more extreme morphologies, but less and less viable. Ubiquitous on social media, the English bulldog is one of those dog breeds that have become “trendy”. Further, behind the photos and videos of the influences, I find certain dogs in a real souffrance. British veterinarians warn in the magazine Canine … Read more

An authorized alopecia drug in the United States

The U.S. Medicines Agency (FDA) on Monday, June 13, approved a drug for a severe form of alopecia, a disease that causes hair or hair loss and affects more than 300,000 people each year in the United States. Also readAlopecia: Hair loss affects many women Le baricitinib is the premier oral award for fighting this … Read more

Owners of angry dogs against environmentalists

Chicken or rooster? This is often what you hear when you get a spikelet. In Lyon, one wonders rather: cat or dog? Activists of the BICALY collective denounce the proliferation of spikelets, which are very harmful to urban animals, due to the city’s ecological policy. The Ville de Lyon et la Métropole, in accordance with … Read more

A successful rejuvenation on a liver could revolutionize transplants

STORY – A graft could be kept for three days, and treated, before being reimplanted on a patient. “A course against the clock”, this is how all professionals describe organ transplantation. Twelve hours for the liver, four for the heart: the maximum time between sampling and reimplantation depends on the organ but never exceeds a … Read more

A culinary heritage to study and value

For several decades, Moroccan cuisine has fascinated connoisseurs who have been able to discover the richness of the landscapes and the diversity that has marked the history of the kingdom. Les Marocains, as they are accustomed to that of their cuisine, is in high esteem internationally, not for most steps digested a ranking (which circulates … Read more

stings in the eye to slow the progression of the disease

REPORTS – This disease leads to vision loss affecting a quarter of those over 75 years of age. Every day at the Paris Hospital des Quinze-Vingts, 80 patients received direct treatment injected into the eye to slow their progress. A spring morning at the Quinze-Vingts National Hospital, Paris. The man who has been patient for … Read more