Axa is relieving itself of a life insurance portfolio in Germany

Insurer Axa announced on Thursday the sale for 660 million euros of a life and retirement insurance portfolio held so far by its German subsidiary to a local insurer. The company has an agreement with Athora Allemagne «for the sale of a portfolio of € 16 billion in life and pension insurance contracts», Indicates a … Read more

Pensions, unemployment insurance, RSA… towards the launch of reforms in the fall

The president promised that a labor reform bill would be ready by the start of the school year. Roland LETSCHER / herreneck – In the July 14 interview, the head of state gave details on the timing of future reforms. So he indicated that the aid will have more information about the people who … Read more

Inflation will weigh on the insurance market, according to a study by Swiss Re

The insurance market will continue to grow in 2022, thanks in part to emerging countries, according to a study published on Wednesday by reinsurer Swiss Re, which warns against the risks that inflation will face for insurers. In 2022, insurance premiums issued worldwide for the first time will exceed the $ 7 trillion mark, an … Read more

The current rules will be extended, Dussopt said

The implementation of the 2019 reform was delayed by two and raison du Covid. Unemployment compensation rules, which expire on October 31, will be extended to allow time to assess the effects of the latest reform, which came into force at the end of 2021, Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt said on Tuesday. «These rules are … Read more

Health Insurance aims for more than a billion savings in 2023

A dose of prevention and classic tightening of bolts, on fraud or antibiotics: the Health Insurance presented on Thursday 30 measures to curb its spending to the tune of 1.2 billion euros the next year. Still not out of Covid, the Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie (Cnam) has maintained a goal of savings half as much … Read more

Life insurance is still full in May

Life insurance contributions, or deposits, in May amounted to 11.8 billion euros, for 9.9 billion benefits, or withdrawals, or a net collection of 1.9 billion euros Life insurance savings in France continued to swell in May with a net collection of 1.9 billion euros, up from the same period last year, according to figures released … Read more

Rising rates, a risk for life insurance

Within six months, the rate on the 10-year French government loan, the 10-year OAT, jumped 2% from 0.2% in January to 2.15% on Wednesday, June 29. 298881620 / Drazen – In a rarity, known for such violent movements in bond markets. Within six months, the utilization rate of the French state, OAT à 10 … Read more

Selectra launches first grouped home insurance purchase

In this way, the tariff comparator hopes to lower the price of this mandatory contract. They regroup to get the best rates. The phone is the target of comparison Selectra which after electricity, gas or health insurance, is preparing to launch with the association of consumers Familles de France a group purchase program of home … Read more

A new week of retirement information with Assurance retraite and Agirc-Arrco

In 2021, more than 650,000 active members of the general scheme retired in France, at an average age of 62.92. If the natural need for information is greater when preparing for retirement, an asset (especially a senior) may be questioned about his or her retirement during his or her career. What are the conditions for … Read more

Homeowners will be able to change borrower insurance at any time

From 1er June, this reform will strengthen competition and should be a source of savings for buyers. In these times when purchasing power is being put to the test, the noua will no doubt relieve many purchase candidates and homeowners, with credit in the running. They can now change borrower insurance at any time. This … Read more