Assurance maladie claims a tender for Health Data Hub

The Health Data Hub, a megafile of French health data, must be the subject of a «call for tenders with the establishment of an independent commissionTo choose its new web host to replace Microsoft, says the board of directors of the Health Insurance in a notice published on Thursday. «Depreciated»By controversy, Health Data Hub needs«a … Read more

“Mon espace santé”, the new health insurance application for sound medical file management

“My health is in the 21st centurye century what the Vitale card was in the twentiethe century. » It is through this formula that the Ministry of Health launched, on February 3, the Internet My Health Space. This free digital health card was taken as a result of the shared medical record (DMP), which has … Read more

A computer failure paralyzes the Health Insurance site

Users have the option to log in to their account, but are blocked when they validate their work interruption. The Health Insurance website has been accumulating computer problems since last night. According to the DownDetector website, the first reports started around 5pm on Wednesday and were a little over 10 hours on Thursday. Unable to … Read more

Tests are digging a hole in Medicare

Social Security spending continues to rise with an increase of more than 120% in the first half of the year. With the health crisis continuing, Medicare is expected to end the year with another record loss of € 31 billion, after € 30.4 billion in 2020, according to forecasts set in June by the Commission … Read more

An SMS Health Insurance to Change Your Vital Book? This is a scam!

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS Is a new Vitale book proposed via SMS? So you’re dealing with a proper scam. Here’s what you need to know. Posted online on 5/6/2022 at 5:27 PM C. La. If you have received a submitted SMS from the Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM) you are invited to do the necessary update your … Read more

Why don’t you reply to this Health Insurance SMS?

A new nature of the victims of several months in France: an SMS de l’Assurance maladie asks to put in your book Vitale. How is it set up and how not to fall into the trap? For several months, a new nature through the SMS of the victims. Use this time to book Vitale, scammers … Read more

L’Assurance affordable health care by phone

Deaf and hard of hearing people can contact the Health Insurance telephone exchange on April 5, 2022 thanks to an online translation system, which links the counselor to the insured. If joining the Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) can sometimes be part of the fighter’s journey with long minutes waiting on the phone, what about deaf … Read more