Animal wandering: population alerts at SPA

L’errance animale is a real scourge in our department. During the holidays, like the rest of the year, les abandons de chiens and chats are numerous. At the Sainte-Marie SPA, we take it easy. Thus, often small pensioners expect to find a family. IT’animal wanderings is a phenomenon that persists à La Réunion. In effect, … Read more

INFO RTL – SPA: the number of animals in shelters increased by 11%

C’est une RTL information, the number of animals in the SPA shelters is up 11% this summer. Les refuges de la SPA are saturated. Près de 9,000 animals and they are hébergés, c’est 1,400 de plus que l’année dernière à la même époque. Une situation qui attriste Ninon Rueff, la responsable du refuge de Plaisir … Read more

Feeding Verviers: in the face of shopping in nature, it’s possible!

June 16, 2022 4:13 p.m. | Stoumont We are continuing our series of portraits as part of the Nourrir Verviers festival. Eating differently, more sustainably, can also go through the cooking of wild plants, reusing these plant species consumed by our ancestors. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, they are within easy reach and free. Andra … Read more

St. Paul: He poisons his neighbor’s animals with rat death and threat

Lalita has been living a real ordeal for over a year. 4 of her cats and her 7-month-old bitch were poisoned by her neighbor with rat death. He reproached the young woman for letting her animals come into the yard and threatening her with a message. Lalita filed two complaints with the gendarmerie. He poisons … Read more