travel insurance that breaks the codes of traditional formulas

By The Delta Agency publicly on 10/01/2022 at 10:32 The journey inspires discovery, change of scenery, adventure, but it can sometimes be faced with unforeseen events that tarnish the stay. Leaving protected, reassured with a contract specific to his needs, but also to the constraints of the country, Yupwego advocates for a different travel insurance … Read more

Élisabeth Borne confirms the full application from December 1st

The tightening of the rules on the degressivity of allowances and the length of time required to open or recharge one’s rights are the last measures of the reform to come into force. The latest two measures of the controversial unemployment insurance reform, tightening the rules on the degressivity of allowances and the length of … Read more

a broker and manager who reinvents personal insurance

Insurance and health issues weigh heavily on business. Due to lack of time, the technicality of these topics is more important, and managers and HR services increasingly need trusted third parties to manage them. For 50 years, the COLONNA group has been delivering its know-how in social protection while adding new energy to its business. … Read more