Take your dog to the open space, turnkey to be more productive at work

Does your heart break when you have to leave your little ball of hair at home hanging, for you to work? Have you ever considered taking it with you? While the idea may seem strange at first glance, it’s not as crazy as it sounds! Indeed, emmener son chien au travail has multiple benefits for mental health, but also for the economic activity of your company. In the United States, Japan and Canada, the trend has been raging for several years now: more and more companies are allowing their employees to come to Medor. Since 2003, there is the same day, “Take your dog to work”, which invites all companies to let their employees stay a dog in their workplace.

How to procrastinate less?

Good for morale

If the beneficial effect of animals on human morale has been demonstrated many times, now the companies found are more productive when employees are in contact with animals. Employees, on the other hand, say they feel happier, less stressed, more flexible and less anxious than usual. In fact, for some well-known large companies, the dog at work has become commonplace. Google, Amazon and even the Etsy font, for example, the parties of these companies, such as “dog-friendly”, in other words, which accept dogs in their premises. If doggies are not necessarily welcome in our home, taking your dog to work is starting to spread. According to first experiences around the globe, the presence of an animal would be comforting and soothing, but not only are you looking for arguments that will succeed in convincing your boss? Here are a few that will surely change your mind!

Better team cohesion

If accepted by your colleagues, your dog could become the little mascot of open space. It will bring a friendly and more serene atmosphere without distracting you. Companies that have already experienced this often agree that dogs in the office bring a general positive feeling and care to the ability to federate employees with each other, which unfolds in a new light.

A source of motivation

Petting a dog would be both stressful and relaxing. Especially since your dog loves to scratch. Having your dog at work also makes it easier for him to move and breathe: he goes out to breathe when he has to defecate, and he is given a short walk if your co-workers want, why not set up some kind of walk schedule to give a good excuse to everyone to go out and get some air every now and then .. What to reach our quotas of 10,000 steps a day without even realizing it , but also, and especially the disconnection of a few minutes.

An opening of the spirit

Finally, the last argument that can get your employer out and all that doesn’t have to happen is that a company that authorizes them in the workplace is perceived as more modern and in line with current society. . In any case, this is what a study conducted by Holidog, the European leader in animal services, reveals. It is true that with the pandemic and widespread telecommuting, employees spent the majority of their day at home caring for their dogs while working. As a result, many companies agreed to bring them back with their four-legged animals. The result? Employee productivity was tenfold! So, all that remains is to find a place to install the Medor bowl and the trick is done!

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