Tarn: 17 times convicted, he still drives without a license and without insurance in Mazamet

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Judged on Thursday, May 12, Albin’s father is due to return to court on February 8, 2023 with his pocket license and insurance paid. Otherwise, he risks jail time.

On Wednesday, May 11, an Albine resident was checked by police in Albi while driving his son’s vehicle. First problem: he drives without a driver’s license and without insurance, which he quickly admits. Second problem: The 41-year-old father is a recidivist. That is why he found himself at the helm of the Castres court, in an immediate appearance the next day.

With a record of 17 convictions since the first in Martinique in 2003 (a total of 9 years in prison), the individual is well acquainted with the defendant’s box. “He has seldom had any accompaniment from the courts,” said his lawyer, Me Gaëlle Simonin. “I never got my license.” I failed the code of a point in Martinique and I had to pass it in France in June, ”he says politely. “He had to repair his partner’s vehicle, his son’s, his motorcycle, he had his work accident, it’s not an easy time for him,” said his counsel.

“You’ve talked about him as a pillar of the family, Madam President. I’ll talk about a weak link.” His behavior creates a lot of suffering around him. ”

Prosecutor Chabbi, meanwhile, was “disgusted” with the defendant, who was described as a “judicial conundrum.” “It simply came to our notice then. But is it just an illusion in her eyes? Pe hesitates between nonchalance, selfishness or mere acceptance of the sentence. You, Madam President, have spoken of him as a pillar of the family, I will speak of a weak link. His behavior creates a lot of suffering around him, ”he pointed out before requesting 12 months, 6 of which were on probation for two years and several obligations.

The court presided over by Sandrine Lalande found him guilty but decided to postpone his sentence: he will return to the courtroom on February 8, 2023 with the permit in his pocket and the insurance paid. Otherwise, he risks jail time.

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