Tavern. Végranola academy: vegetable cooking is no longer a secret for Julianne Aknine!

Julianne Aknine, 28, who has been a vegan for a few years, has launched the Végranola Academy. (© DR)

Chef and trainer, the Tabernacle Julianne Aknine created in 2021 on platforms Vegranolawhich allows you to learn the vegetable kitchen and to accompany all those who want to try this cuisine.

Through workshops and training, she sheds light on vegetalism, offering easy-to-make recipes.

Marble muffins by Julianne Aknine.
Marble muffins by Julianne Aknine. (© RPB Production.)

Why did you make your passion a craft?

Julianne Aknine. After graduating, I became the director of a social center. It was the job of my dreams. But I quickly realized that I no longer fit in and I wanted to change my industry. I’ve been vegan for a few years now and I had an instagram account called Végranola, where I shared my meals because it was complicated to get information and food other than in an organic store. I professionalized this account, did training in pastry and vegetable cooking, and got started.

Have you recently founded an academy?

Yes, the Academia Végranola. I was already running cooking workshops in September 2020, but I wanted to start a training and learning platform for individuals, and I was the first to get started. No need to be vegan to participate, most people just want to change their habits and eat better. The idea is to accompany people towards the greening of their plate. I send videos of recipes, where there are almost no cuts, unlike recipes on Youtube, so that the person can cook at the same speed as me.

How about just getting into vegan cooking?

Videos: currently on Actu

You don’t have to put pressure on yourself, everything can turn upside down all of a sudden and you can lose track of yourself. We have to start with dishes that we like: simply, if you like risotto with butter and cream, we can replace them with soy cream and margarine. But going there little by little is the key! I am also hosting a workshop at the home of the people of Taverny (33, rue des Lilas) on June 13th.

Here is the recipe for the lemon cake (I forgot the oil, super important for fat!) Https://vegranola.com/recette/cake-au-citron-vegan-ultra-moelleux/
Here is the recipe for the lemon cake. https://vegranola.com/recette/cake-au-citron-vegan-ultra-moelleux/ Photographs Julianne Aknine.

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