Tenant / Landlord: What Home Insurance Should You Take Out?

Liability of the owner

The landlord is obliged to repair the damage he causes to others. His liability can thus be incurred when an accident arises in his home and causes damage to his tenant, to a third party such as a neighbor or to the common parts of the building. they owner renting an apartment located in a condominium must be insured to the minimum against the risks of civil liability to which it must respond.

Each owner, whether the accommodation is in a condominium or not, has an interest in take out an insurance policy guaranteeing its liability. This is a non-occupant homeowners insurance called PNO which is complementary to that taken out by the union for the whole building. The landlord can also take out a rent loss guarantee. It usually covers the principal rent and accessories provided for in the lease up to a ceiling applicable to the amount of each discharge and / or the total amount of the debt.

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