Tests: Eric Lecuyer’s simple Italian cuisine in Frasca

Jan Scheidtweiler sits at the Frasca, in Ixelles, with a fresh pasta workshop, a restaurant, a delicatessen and a wine bar: it’s validated!

Since the pandemic paralyzed the hospitality industry, savvy entrepreneurs have included a new restaurant, they have every interest in proposing a “corona proof” concept. This is what Éric Lecuyer and Karima Mathonet did at Frasca, the Italian restaurant they opened in Ixelles in October 2021. Flour bags, bottles of wine, a counter of fresh pasta and hams hanging from the ceiling indicating that Frasca is also a delicatessen offering delicious Italian products.

Duoul Lecuyer-Mathonet was already delighting the taste buds of Liège at the Trattoria Maccheroni and the Altro Maccheroni.

If the Frasca is new, its owners already have several years of experience: the duo Lecuyer-Mathonet, respectively bucătar și manager of the room, was already delighting the taste buds of Liège at the Trattoria Maccheroni and the Altro Maccheroni, two addresses that also paid homage to Italian cuisine.

With Frasca, as in Liège, the emphasis was on authenticity and simplicity, which is reflected both in the decor of the room (brick walls, marble countertops and simple tables) and on the menu. It has only a dozen proposals: antipasti, primi and desserts, but no fish or meat dishes. No matter: fresh pasta lovers will enjoy themselves, the chef prepares them every day.

The first starter is a plate of asparagus sautéed in butter, accompanied by parmesan, almonds and lardo di Colonnata, a delicious melted bacon (18 euros). The second, generous and tender pieces of meat bread (polpettone) accompanied by a salad with braised onions and pistachios (15 euros), also offers good value for money.

The first ones follow. Conchiglie in a very fragrant tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella and parmesan, illustrate how sublime the wonderful simplicity of Italian cuisine can be (16 euros). Naked asparagus pappardelle is not as delicious: there is too much pasta on the plate, so you have to look for asparagus and sauce, a simple melted butter with basil (19 euros). In short, a preparation can be a bit boring.

The refreshing lemon and pistachio pie (9 euros) and the excellent espresso (2.50 euros) reconcile us with L’approche authentique de this new address. And we are not the only ones: the Frasca quickly found its place in this district of Ixelles, a stone’s throw from the Consulate of Italy, a nest of greedy amateurs who are not made.

Rue de Florence 21, 1050 Ixelles (Brussels)
Goal. 02 / 735.50.65 www.frasca.be
Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
105.50 euros for two.
Sébastien Samoye imports more than 200 wines, but the blackboard offers only a limited selection. Few wine choices by the glass. Avola’s grillo and nero return for 6.50 euros a glass.
Frasca is a friendly restaurant with a good atmosphere.
In return?
With pleasure. Frasca offers authentic cuisine at a fair price.

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