The absence of Idrissa Gueye against Montpellier is making headlines

The Parisians were the complete Montpellier, even the suspended players (Neymar, Kimpembe) made the trip to be able to fly in the footsteps in Qatar. Mauricio Pochettino was the unlucky victim and couldn’t continue the game, so FC’s Idrissa Gueye had to come off the bench.

Already absent last year on the day against homophobia

An absence that has caused a lot of internal comments in recent hours, he who had already been absent during the day against homophobia last year (for a «Gastro»), for which L1 players must wear a rainbow-colored jersey.

«::::::: The was in the group but for personal reasons, the was in the steps, said Mauricio Pochettino. He was not injured. » L’entourage du Sénégalais states that the absence was probably a consequence of the game series and the gala organized for the “For Hope” association.


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