The adorable video of a restless Golden Retriever on the lookout at the young human friend doing the toboggan

Taco wasn’t very reassured to see his little sister stand on top of her little slide and get ready to get off. Protective and caring, the dog remained vigilant to the end, making sure the child did not risk anything while playing.

The relationship between dogs and children is often very special. When the canid is a Golden Retriever, a breed known for its gentleness and patience towards the little ones, one can only witness scenes of great tenderness, such as the one reported by him. Hindustan Times.

The English-speaking Indian media has, in fact, relayed a particularly touching video showing a “Goldie” responding to the name of Taco behave like a true guardian angel with the daughter of its owners.

The son of the attachment this last time is extremely strong, such as many photos and videos where you can see the duo in the account work Instagram dedicated to the canid. Nearly 8,000 subscribers follow him.

Article illustration: Adorable video of a restless Golden Retriever anxious to see his human girlfriend doing the toboggan
tacothepolarpup / Instagram

According to the description that can be read in the profile, Taco is enrolled in the AKC (American Kennel Club) and lives Charlotte, in the state of North Carolina (East of the United States). It also teaches that he “ loves to say hello to her little sister every morning ».

His little sister, precisely, whose Golden Retriever lovingly watches every detail, to make sure nothing naked happens to him.

“Mission accomplished”

In the video in question, the girl is having fun with her mini slide. Reaching the top and ready to slide, she jumps for excitement. Taco, he is in a completely different state of mind; he is on a mission. And its mission is to protect the child in all circumstances.

He accompanies her with his gaze, then flattens out as if ready to jump in case of a glitch. Which is also similar, in passing, to a game posture. Then, as soon as his little protejată has finished his descent, he rushes towards her to verify that she is doing well.

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« What an affectionate and caring dog Commented one of the people who saw the sequence on the social network. « Mission accomplished “, Wrote une autre, referring to the famous music accompanied by video, that of” Mission impossible In this case.

Taco can blow… Until the next adventure his human girlfriend.


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