The all-inclusive kitchen!

The quintessential conviviality space, the kitchen is a central element of l’habitation. Because every family of the personality, the offers must have the right to adapt the needs, tastes and envies of each one!

Challenge them: more features, quality, design and budget! Today, we are going to present you with a brand that is committed to meeting all these criteria simply and serenely. Meeting with Olivier François, co-founder of Ecocuisine.

Ecocuisine is a family group present all over France, can you tell us more?

In 2013, in the company of my father, Christian François, we launched Ecocuisine. Our goal is simple, we want to bring a new quality and economical offer on the market of equipped kitchen in France. For this, we are collaborating with the premier European kitchen manufacturer.

What are your brand’s commitments?

We sell high quality German equipped kitchens at eco prices. Ecocuisine stores are distributed throughout France, but also in Portugal and Luxembourg carry high the values ​​of our brand: impeccable quality of service, unmatched value for money, listening to the needs of all customers what their budget means! We do not compromise.

This year, Ecocuisine received the title of best brand 2022, quality of service section, through Capital magazine in collaboration with Statista. In less than 10 years, we have managed to retain the trust of our customers, and we thank them!


The term eco has a double meaning. First of all, the economic one. All year round, we provide our customers with the best market prices. Installing a bespoke kitchen sometimes incurs unforeseen costs. At Ecocuisine, no bad surprises. The price is clear and the various services are detailed.

Fully transparent cooks, when customers meet with the equipment for sale, are sure to get a rate and a 3D view of the completed project, respecting their budget and attention.

Eco for eco-responsibility?

In the face of a climate emergency, we are committed to strict environmental standards. From 2021, we give our customers the certainty that their purchase preserves the planet. The furniture is labeled PEFC. The wood we use is emitted from sustainably managed forests, thus ensuring real protection of nature.

Finally, all our furniture is made in Germany. This German design is a guarantee of quality, durability and we can reduce our carbon footprint in transport.

On the occasion of the opening of the 100th Ecocuisine store, you are launching an extraordinary operation, can you tell us?

Indeed, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of our magazine, we are launching a nationwide advertising campaign for the first time. On the other hand, to thank our customers, we offer 150,000 euros of kitchen without obligation to purchase from May 2 to June 18.

A word to conclude?

Today, we want to continue to grow, in particular by doubling our network of stores, to be ever closer to our customers, and by offering new storage ranges for the laundry room, the bathroom and all the other parts of the house.

At Ecocuisine, we think that all homes should have access to quality deals, designed for an eco price! That’s what motivates us every day!

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