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Have you been looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, a filter carafe or a cleaning machine for textiles d’ameublement? Equip yourself à moindre cost with Amazon’s Black Friday Week.

Les bons plans Black Friday Week à ne pas manquer

For the week of Black Friday, Amazon is showing the new deals for every day. Elles sont toutes reunions on the Black Friday page. Dans l’univers Cuisine & Maison, 4 promotions stand out in particular:

Accompanied by its intelligent emptying station, this robot vacuum cleaner and washer is more independent than ever. The station can receive up to 2.5 liters of dust and is charged with the automatic filling of the tank of the device. La vidange is done ensuite sans your intervention tout comme le nettoyage de la serpillère. Thanks to navigation technology, up to 4-track mapping.

A simple gesture to significantly reduce the teneur en chlore, plomb et tarte de l’eau du robinet. Elle is delivered with 12 cartridges that each filter close to 100 liters of water.

Special displays, carpets, canopies and car seats need regular cleaning. This device with a strong power designed for high-pressure water before vacuuming pours deep washing and fast drying times. The water tank capacity is 1.8 liters and the used water capacity is 1.6 liters. Compact, it’s light.

What robot vacuums and cleans all types of soil before returning to its charging and emptying station. The mapping system is adapted to use in a multi-storey house. Powerful, it can clean up to 200 m2 free of charge.

With Amazon’s Black Friday Week, inutile d’attendre le 25 november pour beneficiary de belles remises. Meet now on the site to receive the Cuisine & Maison offers while stocks last.

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