The Bosch refrigerator is less than EUR 300

Sufficient capacity for food storage and practically for food preservation au frais

Les réfrigérateurs Top has the advantage of being installed in any room: kitchen, garage, mobile home, it’s according to your preferences. The Bosch refrigerator is practical, because of its height, its shape, it will easily find a place in your home. Whether you like an extra fridge or prefer a minimalist style, the Bosch saura fridge will satisfy your appearance and the advantages it offers. You can ideally place it under your work plan. It will fit just as well between the low furniture in your kitchen. Refrigerateur Bosch blanche has a good range capacity and space inside. It is convenient for storing food. It is easily maintained.

Several shelves and compartments are provided, among others: a vegetable tray, something to store your seasonal products, an adjustable safety glass storage rack, a port equipped with racks to store the products.

Product advantages:

  • Small refrigerator.
  • Important storage capacity for the product size: 136 liters.
  • This unit is equipped with LED interior lighting.
  • Very quiet device.
  • Very functional device.
  • Simple, pure design.
  • Good value for money.

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