The central kitchen is lagging behind

When will the construction work on the central kitchen, which is used to prepare school canteen meals, begin? The answer to this question remains vague. In its latest municipal bulletin, the City announced that work on its development at the School of Justice will begin “from April 29.” Contacted on April 27 on this subject, l’édile LR, Pierre-Yves Dumoulin, is the final come on this announcement. According to him, the work will finally start before the summer holidays, around “end of June”.

“It simply came to our notice then […]. Pe o relaunched companies. Today, for everything that is public procurement, it is very complicated with the exit of Covid and the war in Ukraine. We really have a lot of companies that no longer respond to the markets because they no longer have materials, because they are overwhelmed, ”explains the mayor of the reasons for this delay.

At the end of the construction date, estimated in “December 2022” in the municipal magazine, it would remain unchanged. « [Les travaux devraient] to be quite important throughout the summer because it is really the advantage when the children are not there and then continue until the Christmas holidays, we hope a little earlier, “said Pierre-Yves Dumoulin stating that , during the construction site, the half-board children of the School of Justice will be supervised by adults to have lunch at the Corot space located “a ten minute walk away”.

The duration of the construction site depends on the availability of materials. “If the oven has not arrived by Christmas, we will not be able to.” [ouvrir la cuisine centrale] He says, stressing that delivery times are getting longer. “We have placed purchase orders and we have a delivery time for November today to order ovens, hobs and hoods,” he continues.

According to him, most of the work is on the layout of the central kitchen. The latter, however, requires an extension of 70 m² to increase food storage capacity. «On an extension à face mais qui is quite a minimal car at the chance to have at the school of Justice, a kitchen that was oversized […], nuance edile. That changed the original project a bit [la cuisine centrale] in the extension of the school of the Baronesses. We gave up because we realized we could really do a lot more economically by doing it [ici]. »

The meals, made on site at the school of justice, will then be transported to other schools, kindergartens and elementary schools in the municipality for an additional cost of “30 to 40 cents” of the last increase of the current provider. “It was thought to increase by 70 cents per meal.” [si on ne comptait pas la dernière augmentation du prestataire actuel qui est de l’ordre de 30 centimes] “This cost must be refined,” said the mayor. The current price of the meal is set at “around four euros”.

Pierre-Yves Dumoulin hopes that the central canteen will attract new families, saying that he is thinking of setting up a family “coefficient” to help the most modest families. In fact, around “900 children” are educated in the city, less than “500 meals” would have been made every day. L’édile hopes, however, that he will be able to reach the last figure in the central kitchen.

The maximum capacity of the central kitchen is “650 repas environ par jour”. The mayor is therefore thinking of being able to benefit the officers of the commune and the seniors from this surplus. They would pay the same rate as schoolchildren. According to our information, the City of Jouy-Mauvoisin would also be interested in its students.

As for the cost of the central kitchen, it was initially estimated at an average of “580,000 euros”. Due to price inflation, it is now “720,000 euros”. To fund, the edition will get “50% of grants” from the state and the region.

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