The Charente company Boboco contributes zero waste in the kitchen

After decades of waste, the start of a planet-friendly approach is underway. Evolving everyday gestures and drinking habits is at the heart of the Boboco online sales site: a committed brand that promotes craftsmanship by bringing glass jars, jars, bottles and accessories made to taste. Franţa and even more than that it is downright made in Charente.

Head to the kitchen! This is indeed the room where overpacking food is most blatant. I opt for some changes in discovering the glass packs proposed by Boboco! Soon all the containers – flour, sugar, pasta, spices and drinks – will make your shelves happy. They will be sublimated, clearly visible for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds! Moreover, this fight requires constant vigilance to limit the arrival of new packaging. A solution? An eco-friendly alternative that has been growing since 2016: shopping in bulk.
Opting for glass: the ideal material for storage, organizer, food preservation and mite protection. And by adopting Boboco’s various “clés en main” themed packages, you can reduce your household waste. Similarly, certain professionals and businesses are now making that choice. To carry out this domestic revolution, a little pedagogy and advice are welcome. Through numerous DIY tutorials (Dot It Yourself) and a lot of articles published on the blog (cooking recipes, decorating ideas, good practices or even homemade cosmetic solutions …), Boboco is the surplus of this accompaniment.

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