The city of Périgueux launches a list of cat feeders!

The city of Périgueux launches a list of cat feeders!

L’activité de nourrisseurs de chats is now recognized by this villa in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

La ville de Périgueux has launched a support to improve the condition of the animals. The municipality wanted to support the association SOS Free Cats by making available cards to be distributed to approved cat feeders.

Nominal book recognized in the public interest

As explained on its website, the city wanted to extend the scope of an agreement signed with the association.

Thus, the activity of chat feeders is now recognized thanks to a registered book. Now, feeders will be able to show their card to the public to prove their business.

The rejection of the neighborhood

Asked by Radio France bleu, Françoise, a volunteer from the association, explained that cat feeders were often rejected in the neighborhood.

A neighborhood that thought feeders could proliferate cats in the city.

It is the association that lists the approved feeders. People who want to invest in errant chats can approach SOS Free Chats.

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