the club again in the eye of the cyclone regarding fair play finance?

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Paris Saint-Germain again in the eye of the cyclone on the subject of fair play finance? It could well be in the car after informing L’Equipe, the Parisian club should have responded to the “demand for information” on the accounts of the fair-play finance experts, while it is in a clear way. de la Liga has been filed regarding the extension of Kylian Mbappé. Worse, other complaints may soon be issued in France as well.

The PSG in the eye of the storm

The club’s financial control body (ICFC) of the European Court of Justice had thus been asked for information from PSG in a few weeks, so that certain things could be asked of the ICFC. A procedure may or may not be opened at the end of the examination of this additional information and the PSG may be concerned, which has often been in the eye of the storm since 2014 on FPF.

And while the league has been officially filed against PSG and Manchester City, it has gone on to transfer Erling Haaland to Cityzens and extend Mbappé’s contract in Paris, the capital club could also file claims in France. Because the Liga has joined the services of lawyers in France and Switzerland “with the aim of taking administrative and judicial action before the competent French courts and the European Union as soon as possible.” In other words, in the French territory, Paris could be in danger.

“We have a very wide range of potential interventions before the administrative judge, the civil judge and the criminal judge, and in parallel before the European institutions. We have prepared a whole series of actions. But we will start with an approach to of the Minister of Sports, who is the guardianship authority of the federations and therefore of the League. “We are waiting for the approval of the Liga to start”, said the lawyer Juan Branco, mandated by the Liga to act in France. So it will be necessary to follow all this with a magnifying glass because PSG could well bite their nails quickly.

The PSG again in the eye of the cyclone with the FPF

PSG may well be back in the eye of the storm regarding fair play finance, with complaints from the League and perhaps certain in France. Thus, the Spanish football body intends to attack PSG on the French side.

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