The CNOSF rejects the appeal of the ASSE

Following the hearing on May 9 of the AS Saint-√Čtienne, assisted by his council, the conciliator of the CNOSF rejected the club’s appeal to challenge the precautionary measure taken by the LFP Disciplinary Commission on April 25 with the effect of the total closure of the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium for the ASSE – Reims meeting on May 14.

This match will therefore be played in camera.

L’ASSE cannot regret this situation as the decision of the Disciplinary Board was taken without the incident being judged, the club being convened in this committee for an adversarial debate only on 18 May.

This deviation from the disciplinary procedure will unfairly deprive the team of the support of its supporters during a crucial meeting to remain in the elite of French football.

Methods of reimbursement and compensation

You were to attend the ASSE-Reims match on Saturday 14 May at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium and:

– you are a 2021-2022 subscriber:

> You will receive compensation and will be contacted by email in the coming days.

– You have a unit ticket purchased at the Online Ticket Office or at the Steel Pavilion (e-ticket or pass):

> You will receive a refund within ten working days.

– You have a thermal ticket bought at the stadium box office or at the Boutique des Verts:

> You are invited to contact the ticket office with your tickets from Friday 13 May (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm), in order to obtain your refund (refunds will be made until 31 May 2022).

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