The company | Martigues: the solidarity kitchen has opened

The principle is simple: for four dishes ordered, one dish is offered to people in need, and does not pass the possibility of cooking. This initiative, led by the Starlighter, was officially implemented yesterday at noon for the opening of the social and solidarity kitchen.

So the kitchen was set up a stone’s throw from the associative café, rue des Cordonniers, in the heart of the island. “In an unoccupied place for several years that Logirem noi rents at a preferential rate”points out Michel Le Guillouzic, treasurer of cuisine solidaire before pointing out: “We received a grant of 18,000 thanks to the France Relance plan, which represents 80% of our investment, we are still getting it thanks to a crowdfunding campaign ”. Care investment has made it possible to carry out important refurbishment work in this associative room to accommodate a spacious kitchen, with professional equipment, especially brand new refrigerators, and which obviously respects all safety and hygiene rules.

Cooking dishes for those in need

Marie Cantor made thirteen small dishes for her very first order yesterday morning. And it was the Pond Bikes Association that passed it. While the chef was busy in the kitchen on the tables serving as the central island “before you get a real kitchen island “Michel Le Guillouzic, on the other hand, stamped their very first bill. “It’s there, it’s official, the social and solidarity kitchen is up and running!”exclaimed the treasurer with a big smile.

The aim of this project is to give access to good quality kitchen plates to people who do not have access to the means of practice, nor the financiers. “It is aimed at people, families, who are ‘indigently’ occupying – that is the term of the ministry – housing, namely Frédéric Grimaud, a member of the Rallumeur board. For those people who live in the home, who are staying at the hotel, or even sleep in their car … impossible to get food “.

For this first day, Jean-Luc Hanrard, co-president of Vélos des étangs, filled his “cargo bike”, the thirteen salads, including a vegetarian, well fitted in this silver chest in front of this two-wheeled one a little special . “It’s convenientthe unknown Jean-Luc Hanrard. I just picked it all up for our opening meal at the Bicycle House (opened May 12). I think we will order meals fairly regularly now. “ An order that made it possible to offer four dishes at the Adoma home. And there is Hervé, who can recover quinoa salad, freshly picked tomatoes, carrots, chicken and black olives, accompanied by a beautiful homemade sauce.

A success for this first day of the test phase. “And I didn’t even do anything stupid in the kitchenjoked Marie as she put her work plan away. In the longer term, an average of 50 dishes per day is planned, of which 10 are offered. And when we have a little more money, we’ll take a clerk. “, adds the one who does everything, all by herself. Shopping, in the kitchen, cleaning the place. Hats off!

Order food at least 24 hours in advance on site, 10 rue des Cordonniers from Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Find Martigues Social and Solidarity Cuisine on Facebook. Contact : [email protected]

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