The “Cuisine du Web” which is starting to flourish again has a new president, Camille Serain

After a short break, the “Cuisine du Web” has been taking over the hair of the beast for a year.

This association, which since its inception ten years ago, intends to shake up the digital ecosystem of Lyon, is recruiting new members (160 to date) and has a new president, Camille Serain, who succeeds Margo Chaillou.

“I will carry with pleasure and conviction the torch transmitted, to transform the test and maintain the state of mind that we love so much in the kitchen,” said soon his election Camille Serain, a woman of Digital, o “marker” especially specialized in Audit and Consulting and the conduct of digital change centered on “the human”.

Like many associations, the “Cuisine du Web” has suffered from the pandemic, especially from the postponement of its flagship event, the Blend Web Mix, from 2019 to 2020.

Thus, in 2021, “a huge amount of work has been done to rectify the financial situation of the association: the goal of the past year was to put the association back on track by clearing the accounts and making savings: more places and operational team… ”

New premises this summer

“La Cuisine” has settled all its debts in 2021 and now has a new general secretary, with new premises in perspective this summer. This has already allowed him to organize about fifteen events, such as Happy Cuisine, a big banquet, speed recruiting operations, etc.

A new bubbling that led to the arrival of new members.

What roadmap for the new president? “2022 will be the year of growth! We are starting again on a new basis with a new positioning: agitator and facilitator of the Lyon digital ecosystem; a new card including: a member pack (recruitment, visibility, events), etc .; a restructured operation with new statutes; the renewal of our partnerships; as well as the ongoing redesign of the BlendWebMix. ”

One of the major challenges for 2022 is to “partner with other players in the FrenchTech, Digital League, Adira” ecosystem.

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