the embassy of Türkiye in Dakar presents the riches of Turkish cuisine

AA / Ankara

The Embassy of Türkiye in Senegal has organized several events during the newly launched Turkish Cuisine Week to promote the delights and riches of traditional Turkish cuisine.

Cooking students at the École nationale de tourisme et de hotellerie du Sénégal received practical training over the past week in a Turkish cooking workshop organized in collaboration with the Yunus Emre Institute, a non-profit organization founded in 2007 to promote Turkish culture, language and arts in the world.

Last Friday, a dinner was held in a restaurant of the school with the participation of the Ambassador of Türkiye la Dakar, Ahmet Kavas, many diplomats, officials of the Senegalese government and representatives of various institutions.

The chef of the Turkish Embassy in Dakar himself presented the traditional dishes of his country to the students who took part in the workshop for a week.

Participants in the workshop learned essential dishes of Turkish cuisine such as stuffed vine leaves, Ottoman sherbet, sweet fruit juice or the sultan’s delight.

Participants in the event received a book entitled “Turkish Cuisine of Centennial Recipes”, which was prepared for the first Turkish lady Emine Erdogan.

Türkiye presented a rich and private cuisine at a series of events organized throughout the lion and in all missions around the world during the weekly Turkish cuisine, which is held for the first time this year. from May 21 to 27.

* Translated from the English by Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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