the evolution of culinary art since the Sapiens

The story of the kitchen is akin to a great odyssey, which aims to tell the story of screenwriter Benoist Simmat and cartoonist Stéphane Douay. Nutritionist Hélène Laurendeau is delighted with The amazing history of cookinga “comic book-shaped documentary” that covers 500 centuries of culinary art, from the invention of fire to the arrival of vegan burgers.

« [Raconter toute l’histoire de la cuisine] this is a colossal challenge. I really enjoyed reading it. It’s extremely stringy […] and very sturdy. There are countless drawings, which are devoured over the pages. »

A quote from

Hélène Laurendeau

To read: The incredible history of cooking: from prehistory to the present dayBenoist Simmat and Stéphane Douay, Les Arènes BD, February 2, 2022 in Quebec

Résumé de la maison d’édition: The history of cuisine and gastronomy around the world is traced, from the invention of fire to the discovery of South American spices through conquistadorii, in passing through the manufacture of cans, the feasts of elites at the court of the pharaohs or the organic and locavore revolutions in the 21st century.

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