The famous Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot will be available again

Get ready: from June 6, 2022, Lidl will resell the son of the famous robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart. This new should delight those who, in the face of the hysteria caused, could not have had it when it went on sale at Lidl last December.

Is a Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot better than before?

A famous robot Mr. Smart Kitchen will be available again in les Lidl storesaccording to a statement issued by the German brand Silvercrest this Wednesday, May 11, 2022. To top it all off, it may well be more functional and easy to use than its previous version released in December 2021.

This is, in any case, what theUFC What do you choose who tested the product in preview. If, like its predecessor, this new one robotic kitchen will have a beater, an external and internal steam basket or a dosing cap, depending on the association, it will contain new options such as:

  • Fermentation like a yogurt maker
  • Cooking eggs in shell, hard or soft
  • Vacuum cooking
  • The touch screen is enlarged and goes from 7 to 8 inches
  • There is an extra vertical wrist

The only negative detail that the Federal Consumer Union has identified in the product test video is the waiting time when it comes to turning it on. “We regret that the ignition time is even longer with almost 35 seconds of attention to access the receiving screen of Monsieur Cuisine Smart”, understood in the video.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot less for certain

In terms of recipe ideas, there is something to do since you can find the famous function Cooking pilot which contains a total of 600 recipes, some of which are worthy of the best pastry robots. Price level, you will have to pay the sum of 429 euros. So it will be 40 euros more expensive than before and we imagine that it is because of the new options it contains. However, the price of this robot Smart Kitchen may vary. In fact, if you have a Lidl Plus loyalty card, you get a discount of 30 euros. The robot will therefore be available for you for 399 euros.

This little extra could well motivate some to take a loyalty card at Lidl, especially since it’s free. In December 2021, it reached a few days just for the 180,000 copies of Robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart are sold. It remains to be seen whether the success will be such when it goes on sale again from Monday, June 6, 2022.

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