The Fédération française de l’assurance (FFA) wants to create a health contract that includes a guarantee of dependency

This Tuesday, December 7, the French Insurance Federation (FFA) presented its white paper on addiction. Among the tracks of financing the loss of autonomythe document advocates the creation of a responsible health supplement contract including a dependency guarantee.

This insurance would provide for the payment of a flat life annuity including between 300 and 500 euros per month to all people in a state of heavy dependence and characterized (GIR 1 and GIR 2).

For example, a dependency guarantee is systematically included in all health contracts from the age of 42 and will allow you to be insured to benefit from a monthly pension of € 500 in case of heavy dependency, in return of a contribution.

This maximum annuity of € 500 corresponds to the average dependent balance observed in the event of dependency according to a parliamentary report dating from 2019. Heavily dependent policyholders can therefore fully cover their expenses, this without any applicable grace period.

In addition, beyond the financial component, this dependency insurance would provide access to a range of services including:

  • prevention with at least a health check-up via a telephone interview;
  • an assessment of the insured’s situation in their place of residence;
  • assistance to caregivers in administrative procedures;
  • a search for solutions for financing and organizing care.

According to the FFA, the rapid pooling of such insurance made it possible to offer it at a lower cost; That is why she recommends linking it to the responsible complementary health care contracts that currently concern 96% of French households. As a reminder, the responsible health contracts must comply with a specification set by decree (non-reimbursement of fee overruns, minimum floor guarantees, etc.) and as such benefit from attractive taxation, with an additional solidarity tax. (TSA) limited to 13.27% instead of 20.27% for non-responsible contracts.

In order to generalize the dependency guarantee and offer it at a lower cost, the FFA asks the public authorities to eliminate the TSA on the relevant contracts, or, at a minimum, to apply a reduced TSA from 13.27 to 6.27%.

The cost of the dependency insurance premium would vary depending on the age of the underwriting of the guarantee:

  • € 5.70 / month for a person starting to contribute from the age of 22 for a monthly dependent pension of € 300. The premium would increase to € 9.50 / month and she would like to receive an annuity of € 500 / month;
  • the premium would range between € 14.60 and € 24.20 / month for a contributor who would take out the 62-year guarantee.

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