The “Food Fest” festival of Armenian cuisine specialties was held (…)

The taste and lust of Armenian cuisine was here in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia on the occasion of the festive gastronomic festival « Food Fest ».JPEG – 353.9 ko “/>

The idea was implemented at the initiative of the municipality of Yerevan with theNGO « Development and preservation of Armenian culinary traditions ». The aim is to promote a rich selection of traditional Armenian festive dishes, les plats du calendrier armenien.

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In some 30 pavilions in Khachkar Park, organizations close to Armenian culinary traditions, restaurants, local caterers, and groups of people presented traditional Armenian festivals, their sacraments, rituals, and dishes in pavilions and booths. .

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The festival was accompanied by traditional Armenian songs and dances. JPEG – 319.7 ko “/>The event brought together many Yerevan residents and tourists who love Armenian cuisine so delicious and so much appreciated both in Armenia and around the world, thanks to the Armenian diaspora that spreads this Armenian culinary culture. Radiolur source.

Krikor Amirzayan

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