The gendarmerie decorates Messi, a Malinois shepherd with a total of 260 interventions

The animal was awarded the National Defense Bronze Medal on Tuesday, “for services rendered during his career in the gendarmerie ranks.”

Messi, a 6-year-old Malian shepherd, received the Bronze National Defense Medal on Tuesday, “for his services during his career in the gendarmerie.”

The animal was evolving in the surveillance and intervention platoon of the gendarmerie (PSIG) of La Flèche (Sarthe). According to the Ministry of the Interior’s website, the PSIGs are units “whose priority vocation is the fight against public delinquency, carried out in a preventive and dissuasive manner, in the most sensitive sectors and periods, in especially at night ”.

Messi has carried out, alongside his master the marshal of the logis-chef Clément, more than 260 interventions in pistachio and 70 judicial operations, all carried out in the Pays de la Loire region, as he relates West France.

“His flair has allowed him to find several missing persons and to avoid dramatic outbursts, or to direct the search of the gendarmes of the territorial units in charge of these disappearances,” he told the local daily. The News Captain Frédéric Boucherin, commander of the La Flèche company.

At the end of May 2021, he was engaged in the search device deployed to find the man who had seriously injured a police officer in La-Chapelle-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique).

Messi was also mobilized to secure visits to ministries and presidents in the Pays de la Loire region. Prior to these gunshots in the gendarmerie, Messi had been trained at the National Gendarmerie Cynophile Training Center in Gramat (Lot) in 2017.

The ceremony took place on Tuesday in the barracks of the Sarthe gendarmerie group in Le Mans. Messi must now leave for Maine-et-Loire, where he will retire.

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