the green sticker on the windshield may soon be gone

The federation of insurance companies is campaigning for its abolition. Often discussions are ongoing with the government, more to the decision, there should be no prize before it is received.

Becoming a must-have on the windshield of every French car, insurance certificate in the form of a green sticker could soon disappear. In any case, this is the wish of France Assureurs, a federation of 247 insurance companies. Discussions are often underway with the Ministries of the Interior and the Economy.

Why could the green card soon disappear?

“This measure, at an adjustable level, requires a Government decree. We work with them. Today, our discussions with the government suggest that the project is on track. We stand by the Ministries of Economy and Home Affairs to participate in its implementation, ” assures Florence Lustman, president of France Assureurs.

An arbitration that will, however, have to wait for the reshuffle and the end of the summer. « This is a decision that will belong to the next government, a decision that could reasonably be taken at the end of the summer post-truce. ”Explains Bercy’s side.

The federation of insurance companies, which has been campaigning for this abolition for several years, puts forward several arguments: “With the Insured Vehicle File (FVA), we have a more than 99% reliable digital instrument that can effectively combat non-insurance.” highlights the president.

The information on the green sticker is actually already present in this file which was created in 2016, by the insurance companies themselves, in order to fight against fraudsters who falsify insurance certificates. Each company must register the new insured vehicle within 72 hours. Law enforcement has had access to it since 2019.

50 millionCredentials printed for each year

To this is added one ecological argument and simplicity. “The disappearance of documents will help to contribute to the ecological transition: 50 million documents that do not have, plus the need to be printed or shipped. And it would simplify the life of the French! », argues Florence Lustman, president of France Assureurs.

This green macaroon is, in fact, renewed every year by mail and users have to change it on their windshield.

On this point, Bercy still wants to ensure the real benefits that this new provision could generate. « On the simplicity, it is a matter of ensuring that dematerializing sets up an extremely easy-to-use electronic system. You will not have to deal with an electronic system requiring more paper system formalities Claims the Ministry of Economy.

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