The group’s share of net income stands at 316 ME in Q1

CNP Assurances’ turnover stands at 9.8 billion, up 25.3% compared to Q1 2021 (+ 5.5% pcc). In savings / pensions, the group emphasizes the stability of the business in France with an improvement in the share of units of account (CU) in sales and a good international dynamic.

In France, sales stood at 4.1 billion, an increase of 17.1% on units of account with a UC rate of 29.7% in collection (+ 4.3 pts). PACTE transfers amount to 1.7 billion.
In Europe excluding France, sales amounted to 2.6 billion (+ 27.5% change at constant exchange rates) due, in part, to the integration of CNP Vita Assicurazione and CNP Vita Assicura (CVA).
In Latin America, sales are 1.5 billion (+161 ME per pc).
In terms of pensions / protection, the Group’s turnover is 1.7 billion, a slight increase of 3.5%.

Gross operating income is 933 ME, up 30.6% (+ 24.4% per pc). The group’s share of net income stands at 316 ME, or + 2.7% compared to Q1 2021 (+8 ME). The Group’s new business margin rate is 16.1%, up 0.6 pt from the end of 2021. The SCR Group’s coverage rate is 243% (+26 pts compared to the end of 2021)

St├ęphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer, said: “CNP Assurances’ sales are up 25.3%. We have transformed our outstanding assets with an increase in the Group’s turnover in units of account of + 31.5%. The realization of our program of capital gains in early 2022 allows us to serenely approach the rest of the year 2022 and our high solvency rate, at 243%, translates our financial soundness in a context of change of macroeconomic situation. “

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