The influential cuisine Gwenaelle Farcy from “La cuisine de Gwen” among Landes producers

A modern and generous view of gastronomy

Passionate about cooking and good products, Gwenaelle Farcy wanted to put her recipes on paper first to share her love of good food. Then confinement forced, she created a Youtube channel – Gwen’s Kitchen – to keep in touch with the rest of the world and optimize her time by sharing her recipes. Mayonnaise took over, “Gwen” loved this concept and now has nearly a hundred videos to her credit.

Gwen’s kitchen

A new project as close as possible to the producers

For her second book, Gwenaelle, she went as close as possible to those who offer good things: the producers. She selected four regions and of course chose our beautiful land of the Landes as a destination! In this next book you will find portraits of local producers and revisited recipes with our good regional products!

Gwen's Kitchen
Gwen’s Kitchen

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