The insurer Prévoir cultivates its uniqueness

Prepare a profit from the rattrapage effect in 2021 after a year 2020 marked by the economic consequences of the pandemic. “This is a very good post-Covid year, helped by very favorable financial markets, which allows us to reach a record high,” said Patricia Lacoste, President and CEO of the Insurance Group. The specialist in security and life insurance, with 979,000 active contracts and a little less than 2,000 employees in 2021, achieved a record consolidated result of 49.1 million euros, with 31.8% on a year, and revenue up 4.5% to € 608 million. The return on equity (RoE) rose by 1.4 points to 6.5% and the group’s solvency ratio stood at 233%.

Insurance activities, 70% of turnover, contributed 5.4 million to increase the consolidated result. Prepare 80% of the business in the field through the network of employees, around 800 people and 20% in the white brand (Prévoir Partenaires), through distribution partners such as April or SPVie Assurances.

Specializing in low-income customers, the group excels in staying away from units of account (CU), which account for less than 1% of its outstanding assets. “We’ll do a little more UC.” Nevertheless, we will always keep the euro fund as a priority that fully meets the expectations of our specific customers who do not seek risk but instead see our job as an insurer as taking risk instead of our customers, ”explains Patricia Lacoste.

First strategic plan

The group, 70% owned by the descendants of the founders, anchors this uniqueness in a new strategic plan. “This is the group’s first strategic plan. Each entity has its own 5-year plan and ambitions and aims for synergy with other group entities. It is a project of conquest and development so that everyone can become a specialist in their field, ”said Patricia Lacoste.

In brokerage, which accounts for 25% of its revenue, in early 2022 it got its hands on Assurtech Easyblue, which aims to become the first 100% digital insurance platform for SMEs and the self-employed in Europe. After the brokers Utwin and AssurOne in 2019 and Reinsure me 2021, Prevoir affirms its diversification thanks to which it wants to seize opportunities, in borrower insurance for example.


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