the job interview is done in the kitchen

Job interviews in an office, “has been”? An assozate pe un mod de recrutare alternativ, date cooking, in the kitchen, to facilitate exchanges between recruiters and candidates with mental disabilities. Yeah?

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Exit traditional job interviews in aseptic offices. Place at « cooking dates »! The prince? Swap pens for kitchen utensils and resumes for tempting recipes. This is the new concept concocted by the Messidor association to facilitate the professional integration of people with mental disabilities. On May 12, 2022, professionals from all walks of life and candidates will work together at the Comptoir des criques in Pont-Evêque (Isère). The goal: to facilitate exchanges with potential employees while destigmatizing the mentally handicapped. An initiative have « Poel »!

Reverse the recruitment process

The principle is simple: six employees of companies from different worlds meet six people accompanied by Messidor around six recipes. Each pair then enjoys the fruit of their labor. « This new format was trusted by the people who accompanied itexplains the association. What’s more, the chosen place is familiar to them, which allows them to express themselves fully. On the other hand, this initiative reverses the recruitment process since it is the companies that go to meet people looking for work. The result: less stress for candidates and more understanding for recruiters. « We found it interesting to facilitate the exchanges through a fun and manual activity with a special emphasis on soft skills. (ed: personal and social skills, human-oriented) and transversal skills ”Continues the association, which encourages candidates to put small dishes in large ones. Hot in front!

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