The market of the market halls of Épernay is finally equipped with a kitchen

The facts

The TF1 show “Votre plus beau marché” has selected Épernay to represent Champagne-Ardennes for the 5th season.

From April 27 to June 22, Internet users can vote for their favorite market. A jury, composed of Évelyne Dhéliat, Laurent Mariotte, Denis Brogniart and three viewers also cast their vote.

The winner will be revealed the week of June 27th.

A TF1 team He came to shoot a report on the market this Saturday. It will air on May 14 at 1 p.m.

Are keeping a reasonable safety distance, hesitant. So what is this kitchen set in the middle of the Saint-Thibault halls in which two chefs and an animator trying to attract the barge are busy? That’s what many customers in this Saturday’s market seem to be saying. Yet there is nothing to sell. All they are asked to do is taste the beef carpaccio, accompanied by its asparagus arancini and anchovies. Also created by Maxime and Justine Moret, chefs of the Symbiose à Épernay restaurant, with local products. Very quickly, a queue is formed once the intention is understood. Under his famous mustache, Vincent Dallet smiled. He finally got this kitchen in the heart of the halls he had been claiming for years. It was the participation in the competition of the most beautiful market of TF1 that decided the town hall to finally take the plunge.

“It simply came to our notice then

promoting our market and products. That’s something

I can’t do large surfaces ”

From April 30 to June 18, four days before the final, which will decide the winner of the 5th season of the competition, chefs will take turns in this open kitchen, each time composing a bite with products provided by merchants . A format that is obviously reminiscent of the Habits de flavorur, organized in mid-December during the Habits de lumière d’Épernay ” It’s the same operationconfirms Maxime Moret. I made a recipe and went to see the market traders. It was Guillaume Claudon, a butcher in Damery, who made the carpaccio. Everything is prepared in advance, and I assemble it. »

But to do that, you needed equipment. And that was what was sorely lacking. The town hall had such a project in the boxes, in the face of repeated requests from the trade association, led by pastry chef Vincent Dallet, but nothing was moving forward. Until TF1 arrives with its competition from the best market and Épernay reaches the final phase. Everything rushed. « It unlocked pretty quicklyadmits Jacques Fromm, CEO of Animations. We needed equipment. We had with the Flavor Clothes but we had no water or electricity in the place where we could install the kitchen. A project that has finally been completed. It is now up to the trade association to take over.

A tasting once a month

It was a pity that this kitchen was not installed for the TF1 show. Fortunately, this will not be the case. “There will be no tastings every Saturday,” said Jacques Fromm, city councilor for animation. But every last Saturday of the month, the day after the Aperos des Halles, the kitchen will be in place. The idea is to be able to use it twice instead of once. So the merchants in the kitchen will have to learn to deal with it. “In this area,” says Jacques Fromm, “the location is by lot.” We are practically full but we should be able to place everyone. This Saturday, the honey seller was installed a few meters away, next to a side entrance. There is a risk that traders will no longer have a place in the market, but the town hall does not intend to reconsider its decision and is already looking to the future: “We already have other projects such as creating new ones. stands for some shops or do other tastings, ”reveals Jacques Fromm.

« The goal is to promote our market and products. This is something that naked faces large stores ”Says Vincent Dallet, who sees this as a way to boost the latter, battered by the health crisis and rampant inflation. « It’s true that it’s great, smiles a couple who have just served themselves. In the south of France, all the markets do this kind of tasting and it works! » “It’s another way to sell products.” Jacques Fromm added. Among traders, the initiative is unanimously appreciated. « That’s right- this is not about mee », slides Hervé Millon, market gardener from Clesles. « People come to see what it is, they tell me about it Fouzia Blanes smiles, from her large outdoor fruit and vegetable stand, which suggests that “
it will have to be a little more visible from the outside because not all guests enter the halls
». Adaptations that the town hall will have time to take into account, since this kitchen is part to stay.

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