the monitoring of the AVS and the 2nd pillar will be modernized

The AVS surveillance will be upgraded. The Council of States finally folded on the last divergence concerning the control bodies of the 2nd pillar. The reform of the law is thus under the roof.

In addition to the AVS, the project also provides for one-off improvements for the supervision of occupational pension institutions. Members of the cantonal departments responsible for questions from relatives or the 2nd pillar will be excluded from the supervisory authority. The Council of States, which had so far rejected this point, finally tacitly agreed with the National’s position.


The government’s project aims to simplify the supervisory system and often provides for unified rules at the national level. Enforcement bodies, such as cantonal and professional compensation funds or AI offices, will need to put in place modern risk and quality management and control instruments.

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Funding for the development and operation of Swiss-scale information systems will be regulated. Le Conseil fédéral will have the power to regulate the electronic exchange of data between social insurers and federal authorities, as well as between insurers.

No minimum requirements

The management and supervision of AVS information systems should be improved to ensure information security and data protection. But Parliament did not want to go too far. The supervisory authority will not have the power to issue minimum requirements in this regard, as requested by the Federal Council and the left.

Like the Town Hall, the National has also decided not to regulate the remuneration of brokers mandated by employers seeking a pension institution.

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