The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot is good to return to the store

Lidl’s famous food processor will be good in the districts. In a statement issued on Tuesday and relayed by Female version, the German brand has announced the sale of Mr. Smart Kitchen on June 6. It replaced Monsieur Cuisine Connect, marketed in 2019.

Like its predecessor, the Smart Kitchen has a 4.5-liter mixing bowl and can weigh, simmer, mix, stir, chop, thinly, prepare smoothies, boil water or still ferment like a yogurt maker. It is also capable of curing eggs and cooking under vacuum, Capital said. On the ergonomics side, it has a larger screen (eight inches by seven), a base that is narrower than its predecessor, and an extra vertical handle.

No little robot

Already sold in December 2021, Lidl’s new food processor has been the subject of a relative in 1,570 stores of the brand concerned, as indicated by L’internaute. According to our colleagues, it took only a few days for the 180,000 copies to be sold. That’s why Lidl has decided to relaunch its production for an arrival scheduled for June 6.

L’appareil electrom√©nager will be available at a price of 429 euros. Holders of the Lidl Plus card to get 399 euros. While less noisy, it has a more powerful engine than its predecessor. In order to avoid any controversy related to sound recording, as has been the case in the past with the Connect, this model will be free to have a microphone.

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